Dellarte Press Book Publishing Services

At Dellarte Press we want to be your guide through the world of self-publishing. With us by your side your dream of becoming a published author can be realized while you maintain creative control of your book. The various services we offer allow you the flexibility in what services you select to give your book the polish it deserves. Our services range from book formatting, distribution and marketing, to basic and extensive editing.  

Today is the day to start the journey toward the book of your dreams.


Our editors will give your book the star treatment when it comes to editing. The professional Dellarte Press editors use the Chicago Manual of Style to ensure that your manuscript receives the level of editing attention it needs to produce a polished, high-quality book. You can also be confident that throughout the process you maintain editorial control ensuring that your book is still your book in the end.


The various book formats we offer, softcover, hardcover and e-book, tell your current and potential readers that you're serious about selling books. Our books are printed on high-quality, acid free paper to make sure your book lasts a lifetime. You also have the option to create a legacy hardcover that will last for generations and an e-book format for your technology savvy readers.


A book cover is more than just eye-candy - it should give the reader a taste of what is to come if they read your book. You’ve put a lot of time into writing your book; don’t let a boring cover deter potential readers from picking it up. Our cover design team can create a standard or enhanced cover that reflects the words your book contains within. 


If your manuscript needs any kind of indexing or data entry these are the services for you. Our expert team of layout designers can ensure that your book reflects your vision for it and that your personal style comes through.


After you publish your book you may be interested in promoting it to a wider audience. The marketing services Dellarte Press offers can take your book to new heights with publicist promotions, book reviews, a social media presence, an author Web site and much more. Let your book shine with these services.


Approach bookstores and retailers confidently with our Bookselling Services. Whether you want promotional materials like bookmarks and postcards or you would like to host a book signing event, we can help you do that. We also provide you with the confidence you need to get your book on the bookstore shelves with our Booksellers Return insurance. This valuable insurance makes your book really stand out from the crowd.